From 0–130'000 Active Users in 6 months -Building my startup dua — the transparent way — *all Updates*

I started sharing each month since September 2019 all numbers, stats, team updates, product updates, issues, challenges, the big launch party, user growth, what worked in marketing and what didn’t. What worked with raising money — and what did not!

In January 2020 — we had no app, no website, no white-labelling service, no revenue, not even a brand — so let’s see what is possible to build within a year:

So, where are we right now?

We are seeing good stable growth and user activity.

How is it going? (Screenshot: 11.01.2021)

◼️ December 2020 Numbers ◼️
- 400+ Million App Events
- 800'000+ Matches
- 110’000+ daily Messages
- 135’000+ Active Users
- 300’000+ App Installs
- Published several love stories (engagements & marriages)

3 active revenue streams:
✔ White Labeling: €200'000+
✔ Ads Revenue: Delivered almost 4 Million Ad Impressions
✔ Marketplace: Made already around 20'000 Euro revenue (within 40 days since start)
- dua Premium: coming soon!


#dua is a transparent startup that has committed to #transparency, our startup operates in a transparent way.

We often share many KPIs, insights, data, even financial metrics such as revenue, expenditure or growth rates.

Started 12 months ago to write about #dua, goals & each step here on #LinkedIn.

Each month a detailed report.

The reasons are obvious:
✔️ It’s fun! Part of the startup game!

I am documenting the whole story of how we are building dua. From the idea, buying a domain, finding a co-founder, to hiring the first people & raising the first million Euro. Telling the story while it happens.

Anytime I can go back & read what happened when it’s exciting!

✔️ Can’t change the past!
Many founders tell their story AFTER they failed/succeeded, but afterwards you can change the past.

✔️ People feel more connected
I got this way many new partners, investors, friends, supporters, fans and followers of — cause people can identify with dua, with me, with our story.

More to follow soon about building a #transparent startup.

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