Think. Don’t overthink. Take action.

🔺 Andrew Chen is writing his first book called ‘The cold start problem’ and he describes the fundamental problem with…

- marketplaces
- social networks
- messaging apps

- “… are unusual for how you start them”.
- “… have a cold start problem”
- “… you launch the social app and no one’s on it!”
- “… you need a critical mass to make it work.”

🔺 Matt Higgins (Shark on ABC’s hit series Shark Tank) — wrote here on #LinkedIn something like “even that #Clubhouse is successful, I still would not invest in social apps, because 99% fail” (I don’t remember the exact words)

🔺 My Co-Founder Larklind sent me an article “Why investors don’t fund dating”

🔺 Of course, we knew we needed critical mass. Also, we knew that before we started dua many other dating & social apps had failed.

🔺 Many people I knew told me about other “Dating apps that exist, so why should dua take off? Albanians don’t use dating apps!”

🚀 Launch day (22.06.2020) we got over 20'000 people on the app & reached critical mass.
🚀 Since then we had daily 15k-25k on our app
🚀 Network effects — while our user base (150K) is growing, our dua-marketplace started taking off!
🚀 People send 120'000+ messages daily!

Think. ✔️
Don’t overthink. ❌
Take action. 🚀